Saturday, April 30, 2011

oH nO yOu DiDn'T

The people who comment on a certain Perth based fashion-blog-style Facebook page

Aaaaand this about sums it up


FAIL: This spam doesn't even ask me for money! You can't buy the necessities of life with advice dummy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011


-salmon solids for $10 from butcher shop.
-chris' new house is so freaking awesome. i am planning his housewarming.
-mixtapes with obscure themes. "before you were four."
-the manor. the manor. the manor.
-wine. wine. wine.
-champagne. champagne. champagne.
-dancing the charleston.
-new shoes, got the new shoe shine.
-i adore fiona apple.
-impending nuptials in april. busy planning. i've planned the menu before figuring out where to have it.
-the person i speak to the most at the moment apart from my boy is someone who is interstate. go figure. 2 hours a day on the phone.
-flights are all booked for melbourne.
-i've put on 10kg which my dad calls "contentment" fat. plan to lose it before christmas.
-got fired, am now a temp on over double the money. been offered a job with slightly less pay but i might take it because they want to commit to me for a year.
-incentive to get my license - lesley and derrick say that if i do then i can drive the silvia in the garage.


“In the fifth grade I was arrested from school and suspended for a week cause I made blueprints and plans and went through the classrooms stealing all the Goosebumps books.”
— Tyler, the Creator

That's not a thing

If this were true then there would be a 10 foot snow wall surrounding the court tonight.

A few things


Is this real? Can you get dogs this big????????????


Why is Tina Fey so awesome? I'm about halfway through Bossy Pants. Would have finished it if it wasn't for stoopid school.


I love you too?

I have been obsessively reading a terrible blog for the past 4 days only to find out that the girl who makes it is 13. I should have guessed since all the pictures are either cum-shot gifs, dismembered bodies, asian girls with cum all over their face, a cutter's wrist/legs or Conor Oberst. I'm so glad I never figured out livejournal when I was in high school.

ANNNND just for good measure:



Is the new black. Go forth and write those notes, take your cleaning products out of the kitchen, move the toaster into your room. And steam.

Monday, April 18, 2011


One day I tweeted "whenever I get sad I just look at my pictures folder called "the internet". It's really true!

(I used to work with this girl)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're all in this together!

I keep wondering what else I can do to reduce my carbon footprint; I hardly shower, I recycle all my lean cuisine and pizza boxes and I drive REALLY FAST to uni. But there must be more!

Then I thought of it! The perfect way to do my part in the quest for global cooling, and it's so easy that you can do it too!

  • If a 4WD tries to merge in front of you DON'T LET THEM
  • If you are about to leave a parking spot and you notice a 4WD waiting to take it next DON'T LET THEM. Just put on some obnoxious music really loud and wait until they get frustrated and give up
  • If you notice a 4WD on the street get in front of them and drive 10km below the speed limit, make it impossible to overtake you

You're next Joyce!

If we all do our part to make four-wheel-driving super annoying then people won't want to do it any more and we can say goodbye to these ridiculous long summers!

Note: don't do it to 4WDs that have dirt on them cuz off-roading is DOPE

Internet Hotties

Dad! Stop using my webcam!