Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gemmer's Playlist for Driving a One-Night-Stand Home

I love you; I honestly love you- Olivia Newton-John

Sing along for the first verse then stop for the chorus, look at them with big wet eyes and say in a whisper “I’m so glad I met you…”

Versatile- Pansy Division

(I couldn't find Versatile on youtube so Homo Christmas will have to do)

This is a queercore song about guys who can be both tops AND bottoms, so obviously talk shamelessly about when the portion of the night where he tried to have anal sex with you.

It must be love- Ricky Lee Jones

(I'm writing this blog at uni without headphones so this might not be the right song)

Look out the window poignantly during this song so much so that you almost have an accident (your one night stand should feel the need to grab the wheel)

Mad World- Gary Jules

“Isn’t it just?” then I dunno, go into a detailed misinterpretation of the movie Donnie Darko.

One More Hour- Sleater Kinney

“So how many other girls are you doing this with? Oh (hahahahah) don’t worry I’ll look at Facebook”

Anything by- Sufjan Stevens

Talk about god and how much you hate abortions and all forms of birth control

Fifteen- Taylor swift

“This song is about losing your v card, when did you lose yours? I most mine to uncle Lesley, don’t worry, he’s not really my uncle”

Call It Off- Tegan and Sara

This should be playing as he leaves the car, yell out “don’t call me”


NME said...

heck yes pansy division, lets hope it donut end in a "crabby day"

Igor Mihajlovic said...

How can anyone misinterpret 'Donnie Darko'?

Blogger said...

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