Monday, December 28, 2009


Yo Annik Skelton, wanna buy my family off me? I'll trade.

Highlights of Christmas Day included;

  • My sisters boyfriend's facial tattoos
  • Same sister informing my family over Christmas lunch that she has "heard Gracey is living with a drug addict"
  • Facial tattoo man coming into the living room attempting to be jolly and asking me many many questions about the book I was reading. "Good book eh? Must be a good one. You're still reading it! HA!"
  • Stepsisters discussing "hitting the pipe" in front of entire family and no-one batting an eyelid "At least what I'll be doing after lunch will keep me thin!"
  • Everyone else got delightful food hamper presents while I received a hamper of the alcoholic variety (That bit was pretty good actually)


Annik said...

Will the family come to me, or will I have to move to Perth? Will it be like Wife-Swap? Can I have your booze hamper?

Yeah, Right. said...

You will have to move to Perth, I guess. In reality it's a pretty good deal as you will get to hang out with the rest of Dardia and you only have to do stuff with my family once a year, twice absolute tops.
You can't have my hamper cus I drank it all Christmas Day. You can have the remnants which is weird confectioners sugar and some nonalcoholic "mixer" to make "chocolate martinis" with.

Annik said...

You drank a whole hamper?

Yeah, Right. said...

It only had one bottle of vodka! THEY ARE STINGES.

Anonymous said...