Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Business Venture

Jimmy Hats from has said a bunch of different shit to me over the course of the 6 years or so that I have known him.
"I like you."
"Shut up you fucking mole."
"To be honest, I thought I would be passed out before you got home."
"And then she was all like, 'Let's Get Nandos' every time after we fucked. It was rank."
etc etc etc etc.
One thing I never expected to hear from him though was ..
"Can I do your makeup?"

Admittedly he was high as shit at the time and I think he had just ran out of canvas' and wanted to paint something. Here is his handywork.



Obligatory junkie shot!

Anyone that knows me knows that I don't really do makeup, apart from smearing lipstick over and around my mouth when I remember and leaving the imprint on clothes/cups/boys/girls/the ground most times, so the job he did with a half broken eyeliner, a tube of clogged up mascara and some $2 purpley/pinkey eyeshadows is admirable really. We are starting a business venture. Any girls that want a dardy Eurazn artist to come over and paint their face email me on and we will get back to you.

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