Saturday, March 12, 2011


these are my thermal pyjamas. usually they have food stains on them because, seeing as i barely leave the house once i get home, i tend to spend alot of time in them (even meal time).

i brought them from an opshop in perth, in anticipation of my move to a city that isnt perth and therefore has cold wind and shit. a local told me a story about how, one sunny day, they went to the beach, but by the time they got there it was freezing and raining so they didnt even bother going in the water (half stepper). thats how far away the large bodys of water are from me. AGES.

the pants are definitely a classic.
it really gets me going to think about the other derranged freaks who have probably jerked off in them, using the "fap hole" for convenience.

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Ciaran said...

nina is a hell lezo