Monday, November 30, 2009

Things you shouldn't do at yr work xmas party

  • knock over two drinks within 10 minutes. with yr butt.
  • contemporary dance
  • hiding under a table so nobody knows how many sausage rolls yr eating
  • get caught by the bouncers under the table eating sausage rolls
  • make out with some dude from yr company in the backseat of a manager's car. Over her child's booster seat.

But make sure you DO power-barf all over your bathroom when you get home just to make that night a little more special (and your bathroom smell like partially digested sausage rolls).


Miglet said...

Haha! My work Christmas party is on Friday. Ima gonna try and do ALL those things (minus the pash the co-worker bit), and it'll be awesome!!!!!

Arcanthus said...

did you have the foresight to remove the child from the seat?

Miglet said...

Well, the Christmas party was a complete success. I ate EVERYTHING that was offered to me, including oysters and the scorpion in the bottom of a bottle of tequila. It was crunchy. Stumbled home at 12am and the yak fest was on! Lasted about two hours according to the boy. Woke up fresh as a daisy on Saturday.


Jane Donut said...

i think i woke up wearing a wet petticoat because i couldn't get it off so i just showered in it