Saturday, July 17, 2010

We Write Like

So there is a website where you can paste in a piece of your writing and it will tell you which famous author you write like.

Gracey writes like Chuck Palahniuk

This picture kind of looks like Gracey if she had short hair.

Gemma writes like David Foster Wallace/Stephen King when I'm doing axe Gemmer

Nina says it's because my Axe Gemmer replies are "brutal"

Nina writes like David Foster Wallace/James Joyce (must be all the snories)

Clare writes like Chuck Palahniuk

Found a LOVELY pick of CP with chops because Clare loves chops.

IN RELATED NEWS there is a Jersey Shore nickname generator. I entered COD for both men's and women's nicknames because frankly the dude's ones are better.

Clare: The Sausage Party/ The Rack

Gracey: G-Muscle/ Hot Spot

Nina: The Tan-tickle/ Snickers

Gemma: DJ Douchebag/ The Appointment

1 comment:

Queefer Sutherland said...

This is the worst. See: the worst. It's kind of like the worst.

The worst.

(me being chuck palahniuk, who is the worst).