Monday, October 18, 2010

10 TO GO

"it was as though god had struck me down with this incredible knowledge"

i remember gracey writing something similar too this, approx 2 yrs ago when she "discovered" that it was possible too smoke the tallyho 10 to go paper.

now, usually i wouldnt find myself in that situation, only because i own a cassette library where i had labelled one of the drawers "SMOKE". in this drawer were a smokers necessities, the things you need but always seem too loose (filters, lighters, copious amounts of papers and sometimes even EXTRA POUCHES of tobacco if i happened too be particularly cashed up)

in a horrible accident which i will only refer too as VERGE SIDE COLLECTION and my obsessive need too constantly throw away my possessions in what many deem as a "henious clean" (i prefer too call it minimising the vast amounts of crap i seem too end up owning) i threw out the cassette library AKA. SMOKE DRAWER OF YR DREAMS.

because of this error in judgement, i never thought of "relocating" these things intoo another unassuming drawer. therefore tonight i found myself in the most irritating of situations, that being the situation of being too fucking lazy too get off my ass and walk too the garage (aka. service station for you nubes) but in my ashtray i did happen too find the infamous "10 to go" paper which, as i mentioned above had historically proven too be smoke-able.

i think the tallyho 10 to go paper has changed in the past 2 years and i honestly would not pass it off as smoke-able. for a start the paper is gold (a warning within itself, like a brightly coloured poisonous frog) and it does not stick easily when you attempt too roll a cigarette.

in the end i did produce a cigarette and against my natural instinct smoked it, probably inhaling many foul things from the paint on the paper. it lit up like a firework. it was a celebration, the nicotine fix, fixxed.

in conclusion, dont smoke the 10 to go paper. do make a smoke drawer of yr dreams so that in future, you, dear reader wont be faced with the same situation. (although you probably have cooler addictions than smoking)

PS// gracey i dont blame you for the smokings of my past failure. it is my weak brains/and/or nicotine receptors. thoose guys are CRAZY!


Jane Donut said...

One time my friend and I made a bonfire using a Nintendo 64 box. The smoke hurt my brainsss. I feel yr pain sista!

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