Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here’s what I’m thinking about when I leave my house for social occasions:
• How much booze I have
• Whether how much booze I have is enough to get off chops
• Where to get more booze if I run out
• Whether anyone will notice if I steal their beer
• Whether my lipstick is all over my face yet
• Whether I should go swimming on the walk home
• What will I eat when I get home
• Whether anyone will walk to mcdonalds with me
• Whether I know anyone with a car who could drive me to mcdonalds
• What I am going to order at mcdonalds
• Hoping that I don’t finish all my meal so I can leave my burger in the fridge and eat it the next day.
• Whether I have enough money to get mcdonalds
• Whether I should just have a vegemite sandwich

Here’s what I’m not thinking about:
• Being sociable
• Meeting new people
• Hating on people I barely know
• Scheming
• Giving “evils”

OK?? Is that clear?? This has happened to me twice before and I think it happens to Gracey 100% of the time, where people think you hate them but really you just don't talk to new people because your social skills are weird and also because you can't be bothered trying. Cool, glad I cleared that up. Also I'm not scary and I have a stuffed penguin on my bed.

Love Clare xoxoxo


Yeah, Right. said...

"....... I've never met you before"

Queefer Sutherland said...


I love how these things are always based upon "looks" and "vibes" and "absolutely nothing at all, why can't you just leave me out of your weird shit". DEr!