Thursday, March 25, 2010


TODAY AT TAFE I MADE A TRULY DISTURBING DISCOVERY. i opened the "class cuboard" which is where everyone stores there coffee etc. i use it as a place of snack, storing my miso soup, black and gold tomatoe soup and youll love coles vegetable soup. i also left a conatiner of sunflower seeds in there. some jerk ATE ALL MY SUNFLOWER SEEDS and left the empty container there. what a tool, i mean you dont go too steal pants and then just decide too leave the pockets behind. JESUS.
i could rant endlessly about what kind of fucking turd would steal sunflower seeds? its pretty much bird food. god damn it i wouldve had more respect if you at least stole the miso. i know im a perplexing mystery for owning them in the first place but god damn it im on a budget. not all of us can luxuriously chew muesli baaahs. DONUT STEAL MY FOOD OR ILL CRUSH YR SOUL!