Sunday, August 24, 2008

brash and sassy

last weekend the police came too our apartment 3 times because of the noise. then someone stole our power fuse. then in a scurry for beer gracey and i were locked out of our apartment and had too pay $$ too get back in. GAY

this weekend there was tattoos, free alcohol, broken jettys and rad partys. also people falling out of hammocks and phantom toilet punishers. we coined the phrase "do a wee." and weilded it shamlessly. people thought we were weird and we told them too get some friends cause that boat was made too carry several people not one. i got a brash (beard rash) on my chin from a polack. gracey got some ink. me gem and clare got some burgers.

we all got bruises and now we are tough like old dudes on motorbikes. C.O.D!!!!

1 comment:

Lex said...

The best bit was when you did a burp (do a burp!) and I could smell yr pickles.

p.s. - this is clare, someone is already logged in on this computer