Sunday, August 31, 2008

lardy dardy

friday nights are still my favourite time of the week. morrissey says: everyday is like sunday nina wishes: everyday WAS friday. i returned home after a friday night out too find tash, koops and i had succesfully smashed 3 glasses, a picture and our toilet was full of glass. im not sure if any of us have a recollection of this (?) but very much fun times indeed.
saturday night was prettygood also. clare and i girl -rapped most of the night. then 3/4ths of the C.O.D did a run too munster. add bourbon add cigarettes add athleticism equals unattainable amounts of greatness!!

SIM: hey i want you too meet my friend nina, nina this is _ _ _
N: hi, im nina. i have velcro shoes!! yeah!
- lean down and unrip velcro several times too prove it -
SIM: so hows that working out for you?
N: really good, let me explain too you the conveinence i experience just by choosing velcro..

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