Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sometimes just plain living can be real boring. Unless you make everything you do a "thing"!!! Like say you have to go drop off a dress at the menders. You could drive there and the whole thing would take 5 minutes. But say you crashed your car into a tow truck (haha). What would you do then? Obviously, make a "I'M TAKING MY DRESS TO THE MENDERS" playlist on yr iPod (put Otis Redding on this playlist btw), wear like a bow in your hair and ride to Maylands on your gay girl bike and ring your bell at birds sitting on the pavement. WATCH OUT BIRDIES!! OMG SO FUN!!

You can do that for any errand really. Sometimes when I'm bringing really heavy groceries home from the store I pretend I'm in the army and I'm bringing critical medical (sandwich) supplies back to the troops. It makes me feel noble.

Work is boring too. Not if you play games though! I like to be really really nice to my co-workers one day, then ignore their stupid faces the next, just to keep them guessing. I pretend to forget my manager's name every week just for funsies! Sometimes I play "how long can I hide in the HI-FI section watching Video Hits without anyone noticing". I win every time. When I worked in a lab we played games too. Like "Can Clare fit into the solvent cupboard??" I could!!

Sometimes even getting to sleep is boring, you know, when you try to go to bed early cause you gotta get up early but you ain't tired. I like to twitch all my leg and arm muscles in time to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Or you can do drum 'n' bass leg twitches. I'm doing it right now.

The best time to do "things" is on your day off. "Things" are like driving to Midland to buy butterflies with your friends, or having Girl's Club meetings (involves riding your bike to Hyde Park and drinking longnex), or going to quiz night at shitty pubs and having really good team names (Quiztian Slater, Answers and Gretel, Quiz Mainwaring Is Dead) or watching a whole TV series DVD box set in one day.

In conclusion, fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun. Love Clare xoxo.

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Saucy Chip said...

You are the female jesus