Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How much is that apology in the window?

I'm having a real dilemma. I almost never apologise for anything. Apart from the backhanded "I am sorry you are upset" which when you think about it is the most annoying thing you can do apart from hanging up on someone in a phone call, calling them back 10 minutes later and then when they pick up saying "Have you calmed down yet, dear?" in the most condescending manner you can muster.
Sooo.. I have to apologise to this girl for a stupid fight that we had 6 months ago and I really don't know how to go about it. And not only do I have to apologise to her for calling her a cunt, I also have to apologise for spitting on her while she was standing on the ground and I was on a balcony directly above her.
What do I do?

The only option I can come up with in my dumb brain is just start talking to her excitedly next time I see her like nothing ever happened because in my wise and weary travels I have found that most people really want to avoid conflict and pretending that nothing ever happened or politely ignoring someone is the way that humanity (and by humanity, I mean girls) deal with problems.

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Miglet said...

Just pretend nothing happened.

Girls do not like confrontation. Not that sort anyway. Even girls who will happily punch-on with a complete stranger if she looks at her the wrong way, will avoid weirdness between friends at any cost.

And be normal, not super nice. That makes it awkward.

Good luck!