Sunday, July 26, 2009


In Nancy Drew books the police are always really happy to have her around because she RULES at describing people. All "6 ft 5, athletic build, sloping brow, dark eyes, running off with Mrs Chinowski's mother's pearls to the east" style. When I went to the po po, they kinda got mad at me.

Police: How tall was he?
Me: Taller than me.
Police: How tall are you?
Me: You tell me.

Me: He had a beard.
Police: How long was his beard?
Me: It was just on his face, you know?

Police: Can you describe his face?
Me: He had a cheeky lil grin. He was pretty cute I guess.
Police: *actually writes "cheeky little grin" on my statement*

Police: What was he wearing?
Me: I think he had a hat.
Police: What colour was it?
Me: Can you just write 'might have been wearing a hat'?

Yeah so everyone should be on the look out for dudes who are maybe wearing hats, with beards on their faces (not off them), who are taller than a kind of short girl and have cheeky grins. WATCH OUT.

Yesterday I got out of bed for an hour, tops. I saw a dolphin in the river today (again).

Love Clare xoxo


Trouble said...

What did he steal??

Queefer Sutherland said...

My heart.

And then my bag, but he gave it back.

Yeah, Right. said...

I like how you didn't mention once that he was Aboriginal.