Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday was my favourite day. I totally didn't get in a car crash with a fucking tow truck and then me and RAB totally didn't get attacked at Leederville train station by a gang of HOODLUMS who stole my bag to look for cigarettes and then told me to stop crying and gave me back my eyelash curler and they didn't beat up Ryan and try to steal his bike. Never ever ever ever happened.

Sometimes when you have a Daniel Powter it's kinda nice when everyone tries to cheer you up and feels sorry for you. Sometimes when you have a D.P. other people don't know and they steal your bag.

Love Clare xoxo


Jane Donut said...

So you had a bad day, you're takin one down, you sing a sad song and you turn it around. Those aren't the exact lyrics.

Julian Cole said...

Feel bad now for cracking it at COD. Gotta hate those station rats, you can be over the other side of this sweet country and they are still the same dickheads bummin ciggies off you.

P.S Do you make up the word verfication things?