Wednesday, November 18, 2009


remember when i used too be nice? yeah me neither, that was so 2006.
anyway i actually was pretty sweet in 2006, thats when i was 18 (spring chicken) and i was really great and i used too go too cramplifier every friday AND saturday (commit!), and.. i held back from saying stuff, sometimes because i probably, most probable too offend someone and i didnt want too hurt anyones big gay feelings cause everyone deserves a chance, y'know?
like, everyones nice and nobody actually MEANS too be a jerk, people arent like that! thats not sensible, responsible, endearing or cute.

around a year ago i started too wise up too this bullshit and its not like im queen uber bitch, leader of the gang, beating on peoples asses and what not but i can give you the 411 on TIMES WHEN ITS OKAY TOO BE OFFENSIVE/EXUDE AWESOMENESS. (i will explain this in great detail another day)
i just wanted too put it straight, for the record that it actually feels pretty great too say exactly what you want, you make people cry, vomit, have intercourse wit you, tell ppl when theyre being all "debbie downer" tell ppl you saw them on the internet.. ETC.
this raises another important issue, "debbie downers". what up? definetly not you, yr lower than the ocean... (SO PROFOUND/ORIGINAL) listen i know being sad is sometimes a medical/mental issue but there are just some ppl ive come across who seem like they just dont want too have fun. dude, the way i see it is 80% happiness relys on yr dumb brains, aka "yr tude, attitude" 20% relys on surroundings/other gay shit that happens.
so really, even if the world is falling down around you (ITS NOT, TRUST ME IM SMART) if you can still be all "bicycles, babes, books, long hot summer, partys, shower alot, penpals, embarassing music.." yr gurner be okay! maybe you wont be mustering huge colgate smiles but as long as you know whats up, stay sane.
being depressed isnt cool anymore anyway, were not in highschool anymore and yr not "a kooky individual too quirky for anyone too understand, oh. lament."

seriously, take me to the WAAAHMIS (wa music industry something.)

i had a cool case of the awesomes last night, its really gay too say this burt i really love the fellow chronic dardys i get too hang out with on the regs. they taught me brash and sassy, i , a protegee, lets hifive alot!!


tanya said...

i dig your punctuation.

All Day I Dream About Sauce said...


Me said...

This makes so much sense. It's not that hard to be awesome, all you have to do is not be a depressed faggot.

It's like, let's see. Shall i cry in my pillow today and get bed sores or shall i go climb a fucking tree and pitch rocks at learner drivers?