Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life Affirmations!

You know what is really profound? You can totally be whatever you want to be. You can give up your career as a lady who has conquered the "I'm gonna write teeny tiny things on grains of rice and put them in necklace so that hippies will wear them haha how dumb are they?" scene to work NASA, be it the space program or that weird band who rides on guest spots. Be whatever you wanna be. Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Hooray for life!

I learnt this lesson the other day when I was at the Llama Bar (haha!) with Mick Zing. He actually is be what you wanna be do what you wanna be yeah talented and makes awesome posters and is about to graduate and one of you guys reading this should give him a really high paying job. He made this poster/graphics thing for some night, so we went down to check it out.

The only place you could smoke out the back was home to a photography launch of Subiaco variety. Lots of people quaffing champagne and bowls of olives not being eaten precariously placed next to ashtrays. Bright lights, big city, light umbrellas, red carpet, urrone was thin, you get the picture. After standing there awkwardly drinking my $8 pint (Good work Llama Bar btw) a friend Craig Hollywood with us decided to have some fun by grabbing the nearest 45 year old man wearing a turtleneck holding two glasses of champagne and talking to him.

Craig Hollywood: "Sooo.. enjoying the night? Have you met my friend Gracey? She's one of Australia's best up and coming fashion photographers."
Turtle Neck Guy: *shaking my hand vigorously* Why yes! I believe we have met before."
Me: "We have?"
Craig Hollywood: "Where are you mostly based at the moment so much Gracey? I forget, it changes so much. And what was your last collection about?
Gracey: "Well, Melbourne at the moment, but when I'm in Perth I like to kick around with the lowbrow crew. My last collection was based on the "Fuck Terry Richardson, bright flashes and weird props."
Turtle Neck Guy: "Oh yes I've heard about this as well"
Craig Hollywood: "And your studio right now?"
Me: "Umm, based by myself in Melbourne but in Perth it's a studio in William Street, Northbridge called Last Chance"
Turtle Neck Guy: "Oh right, that's in King Street, correct?"
Me: "No. William Street, Northbridge."

At this point I retrieved my phone from my handbag and started msging someone something and in general just being a demure lady. Craig Hollywood took this time to explain to the easy mark about how I was a recluse and didn't really enjoy being out, or crowds. The convo finished with

Turtle Neck Guy: "Well you know, photographers. They're all the same."

In conclusion, lying is pretty much the most fun you can have without orgasms.

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