Monday, December 15, 2008


Melbourne is pretty sick. I've eaten a lot of okay food, which is kind of disappointing. The Eggs Benedict I had the morning after I got here wasn't that great, they had it on Turkish Bread instead of English Muffins and the Hollandaige (Pretty much the most important aspect of the meal) was inferior. I've watched a bunch of foxtel, the daige channel is pretty funny, got to see Ernie Dingo being quite earnest. Fitzroy is like Mount Lawley times a million, James is sick, I've had sex in construction sites, and hallways and just regularly like a billion times (Donut know how I went a month without it), I'm really tempted to get on the smack and just walk up and down Victoria Street. Right now I am very hungover and sitting in an apartment on Flinders Lane eating Sausages wrapped up in Pita Bread with Tomato Sauce. Dunno what I'll do today. Probably drink Stones. (P.S. I actually heard someone say "Melbourne Weather, It's like 4 seasons in One Day!")

OH YEAH The Junkies here are sick! Some dude with a feather in my hair came up to me at the Darling Grace Hotel (Guess why I went there?) and asked for money. James asked him what he wanted to do with it and he said "Well I want to get on and maybe do some shopping". What a good cunt, eh.

As an added bonus, here is a picture of me last time I came to Melbourne. (P.S. How white am I? I totally look like I'm gonna corpse.)

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