Thursday, February 5, 2009

I think this used to happen a lot on livejournal.

Julian Cole tagged me in some thing where I have to tell everyone 7 things that they wouldn't know about me. I donut know if this is referring to my close friends or a wider group of people, like the Russian people that keep looking at our blog for some reason. I don't even know who Julian Cole is, but I am pretty sure he is friends with Ben Menzies, so he must be okay.

1. I am a State Karate Champion. This is actually true. I will elaborate even though it will mean that I lose all the powers instilled in your mind after that sentence. I won the under 24kg NSW State Championship for karate when I was 8 years old. There were no other entrants. Haha! I also came 2nd in the under 32kg division. It was a close battle, and I was fighting my instructors daughter. Pretty sure it was rigged, eh. My trophys are somewhere in my parents house, unless they threw them out. (This is actually likely)

2. I am a District Backstroke Champion. This one was Year 6. Obviously prepared me for the many hours I would spend on my back in the future.

3. I have made out with a member of C.O.D. See if you can guess which one!

4. I used to have a bellybutton piercing. I was a teenager in Mandurah. Come on. Of course I did. I now have a small hole above my cute bellybutton. I am a summer dream.

5. Last night I vomited into a container of curry pasta salad. Pretty self explanatory really. My brother jumped on me and winded me when I got home plastered at 3 in the morning and it was the closest puke recepticle.

6. I was engaged and was going to get married on April 15th, 2007. I guess I wanted to be a divorcee before 23, because that was certainly what was going to happen. I think I wanted a wedding a lot more than an actual marriage.

7. Sometimes I don't look in the mirror for days. This causes numerous incidents, like the time my boyfriend drew a swastika on my face in ballpoint pen. I forgot about it and went and did grocery shopping with a hate symbol on my cheek. I basically win life.

I nominate to sit in a sea of self indulgence -
Queef Ledger from our own C.O.D.

I think you are supposed to do 7 but I don't think I even know 7 blogs. So I will stick with 3.

Here are the rules...
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Scagnetti said...

I did it!


This reminds me of something i saw on FB recently. Oh wait. here it is...

25 things you really wanted to know about unnamed person:

1. I'm a compulsive collector. I collect 3D glasses that I don't have to pay for, catholic accoutrements, things relating to Bambi/fawns, various editions of Lolita (I own 7 copies in various languages, including languages I can't read, like Czech), and scarves.

5. I suffer from nostalgia. I wish I lived in the Deep South in the 30s, or in Paris in the 20s, or in New York in the 70s.

6. The smell of lighter fluid reminds me of my father, the smell of blackcurrant soothers reminds me of my mother, and the smell of my perfume reminds me of Summer 06/07.

8. I miss Europe. Fuck, I miss Europe.

9. I play guitar and sing at least once a day.

11. I need music. A live show is one of the most incredible pleasures in my life. But I need to be affected by the music. If it makes me smile, cry, dance or rock the fuck out, than I will love it. I also like a lot of genres that people might not expect. For example, I'm quite excited about seeing N*E*R*D and Grandmaster Flash at Futuremusic.

12. I'm a published author. I also have about a third of a novella written and I currently have an idea for a novel and a graphic novel percolating away.

13. My fashion inspiration is all over the place. Aesthetically, I love Victorian-era fashion, 1920s flappers, 1930s Southern Belles, 1940s war widows and femme fatales, 1950s rebel teens and housewives, 1960s mod (ie. Warhol and associates), 1970s New York punk and 1980s goth/fetish. Most of my clothing is purchased from opshops or severely marked down, punctuated with a few expensive, treasured pieces. If I was a man I would wear dusty three-piece suits, braces and a fedora.

14. I really love the instruments used in folk, blues and country music. Banjos, mandolins, lap steel, fiddles, double basses, harmonicas, accordions, old grindy organ and tinkly pianos.

15. I get harmless crushes on a lot of people. Someone can walk past me on a street and I can fall a little in love with them, even if I never see them again.

18. I really want to travel more. I think my next overseas holiday will be a tour of Scandinavia. I would also love to see the UK, Morocco, Japan, Russia, more of Eastern Europe, more of Germany, Holland, France and the Czech Republic, New Orleans, LA, Mexico, New York. I want to see EVERYWHERE.

19. I actually really love playing and watching football (or soccer, if you want to call it that.)

20. I have a ridiculous oral fixation.

21. The drawer I keep my stockings in exploded from sheer excess amounts of stockings and suspenders. My underwear drawer is threatening the same. I can't abide boring lingerie. A boy once told me that I " had the most complex underwear [he'd] ever seen."

22. I'm crazy for embroidery. I love it.

23. I weigh about 10 kilos more than you think I do. Really.

24. I love foreign languages. I have a decent amount of French, and I'm currently teaching myself Russian and Spanish. I'd love to know German, Japanese, Icelandic, Dutch, and Irish Gaelic.

25. I want to be known.