Sunday, February 1, 2009

packin heat (dudes)

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josmitherines said...

yeah, i donut know about being a boner inducer in this blog. sure, those faces in the below blog heavily/only featuring myself are defs boner inducing, theres no denying. i feel responsible for a lot of semen expulsion that would have surely occurred yesterday, and no no doubt for the next few weeks/years. but the top pic is only boner inducing because of Jake, he is a sexual animal, like a beaver. Ive ruin it by pulling a normal/posing face. i forgot my golden rule. im not sure what it is exactly but its something to do with causing premature wrinkles by pulling gross/amazing faces in every photo opportunity. ive aged at least 10 years since people became snap happy (mainly due to facebook/myspace).
this is real long. i should probs have my own blog. wont happen, stop holding your breath.