Friday, February 27, 2009

look not alikes

over the space of the last week i have had 3 super shitty comments made referring too the fact that most people have a high level of retardation and believe me too look  like the following celebrities..

1# michelle williams (now not in dawsons creek) awesome! im so fugly my boyfriend divorces me and dies. cool.
2# sharon stone (in total recall) you might as well tell me im a dried up tramp. oh wait, you just did!
3# scarlett johannson the resemblence is uncanny right? NO.

in high school people noticed a similarity between myself and ashlee simpson because at the time i had black hair (fking emo) and so did she (also fking emo) i think this was the only fair call as at the time i indeed had the same hair and yes i was pasty and yes i have blue eyes and yes my nose is horrible because it got broke.

seriously, sharon stone... i would rather smell a millions peoples morning after going out poos than get told i look like that. THANKS PERTHIANS, NOT!


1 comment:

pinkcotten_candi said...

sharon stoned, i think not, you are like a sleepy dreamy panda.....nothing more, nothing less....worshipped by the whole Chinese nation!! quoted by meg sparrow today not yesterday or tomorrow...