Monday, April 20, 2009

Biff King

So I stayed up all night sewing and watching movies. You know how sometimes when people go out they leave the TV on so the dog doesn't get ronery (lonely)? Well I'm like this except I live by myself now so I am ronery all the time and I don't have an antennae for my TV so I just watch DVD after DVD. I have pretty much busted both my DVD played and my VCR from overuse. But anyway I have totally run out of DVDs to watch and at about 3am this morning just so I wouldn't feel alone I watched 300, the movie about Spartans. I was devs about it because it looked totally shit (even though I have a total secret boner for the movie Troy shhhhhh). But it actually wasn't that shit and I totes fell in love with King Leonidas.

This worries me. I'm thinking biff love is contagious and I caught it off Jack. I came up with this troubling theory about two weeks ago when I decided to see how many days it would take me to watch the first season of the OC. I haven't watched the OC since around early '05 (AKA the best year ever btw voted by me and Clare) and back in the day especially high school I lurvvved Seth Cohen, he was dreamy, he made comics cool, he made sarcasm cool!!! (tt joking) But watching it now i only have eyes for Ryan Atwood AKA biff king.

Why has this change occurred? When did it begin? Actually it probably doesn't even matter. Biffs? Indie Wieners? Barf. Maybe I'll go to Sparta, anybody know where I can get some cheap plane tickets?

Also Sparta: how did such a shit band result from such a fucking cool one?

PS. My mum says I have to pay for any therapy my sister might (read WILL) need in the future just because I said she had a weird part in her hair. I'm just preparing her in case any of the bullies at school are smarter than I am (they're not).

PPS. Is it biff or bif? Is it even a real word.


Queefer Sutherland said...

It's biff, because BIF is an acronym for "butt in front" aka a gunt.

Ashley said...

High estrogen peak in ovulation cycle= attraction to more masculine looking men aka biffs
love from dolly doctor

Yeah, Right. said...

I always thought they were called biff's because of the guy from Back to the Future and because they like to fight people. Am I wrong?