Thursday, April 16, 2009

the fire of my loins

breakfast is undoubtedly my favourite meal of the day, as the choice of sweet and savoury tasty treats is enough too blow youre k.rudd support package, maybe even yr mind!!!
mostly i go for the cold orange option (always cold, never room temperature) but sometimes ill bust out all NOMEATCOOKEDBREAKFEASTPLEASE styles. but thats only usually on special occasions. i also enjoy choc up and go but mostly not at breakfast time.

anyway, brownes does a top notch youghrt in the variety of "banana maple pancake" WTF its like yr craziest dreams come true!!
if yr one of thoose fags who likes skim milk and low fat muffins then please, donut read on. 
however if you have some form of mental/eating disorder please feel free too continue reading as i have devised a plan on how you too may benefit from the love of my life fire of my loins, 2nd favourite dairy product.

lets see.. eat it and purge, wait till it goes all chunky funky then eat it and youll be REAL sick but yr tastebuds possibly satisfied, use as a defence against biffs but not before you open it and creepily stroke the tub before licking it and sending it hurtling towards yr chosen biff or biffette's head, if yr an animal lover smear it all over you and cats might lick you, perhaps try running a soothing bath and adding the chosen product so as you might retain the smell of such baked goods - yr surely too attract a mate this way.

the other week my housemate left me note in the fridge that red NINA and it was stuck on a tub of this. people.. i know what i like, clearly other people know what i like and now the time has come for you too decide what you like. do you like dairy products inspired by meals of yr dreams? or do you like horoscopes, long walks on the beaches and fisting cold hard slabs of meat? ITS UP TOO YOU.

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Ekahs said...

Are you serious? Banana Maple Pancake has been my favourite yoghurt for ages now. :D