Sunday, April 26, 2009

L*****s and L*****s

So I went to a playground the other day* and shit had to be seen to be believed. Well done Perth, you've really set the bar for disgusting behaviour. We'll start with the L****s, shall we?

Look at these little brats. They even have semi-matching outfits. GET A ROOM GUYS!

Rule of thumb: It is NEVER okay to give wristies in a field.

This couple managed to time travel from 1920 just to give me the shits.

What a Lobber.

Come on guys - I thought we had already established that lollipops were a NO GO ZONE! How come this trend is so fucking popular?

See what I mean? Even the Iraqis are getting into it.

Highlights of my day:
Spending $0
Not being called a tamp

Love Some Dumb Bitch

(*ie. did not really leave my house)


Me said...

Its a real shame that people act this way. Good on ya for showing the majority of us that theres still heaps of druggies out there!

- Tony, Noranda Hills

MZ said...

Dear Yeah right - if you are responsible for posting these photos, please have them removed immediately. This situation could have severe consequence to all involved. Please remove immediately.



Julian Cole said...

Best Post in Months. Poor lil lobbers!

Julian Cole said...

Also, do you guys know why Lovers and Lobbers site is invite only now?

Yeah, Right. said...

I'm assuming it was because of the backlash in the comments, you should totally join up. Expose on the 18 year old girl who writes the blog coming soon!

MBT said...