Friday, April 24, 2009

I am a cutter.

What up guys? Long time no talk. So tonight I went to some dumb indie party and got into a fight! OH MY GOD, I hear you yawn. This one was a little different that my usual belligerent mess - lemme explain.
So I turned around after explaining some long theory of life to another stalwart that wanted to hear nothing except that and I was greeted by a bunch of stony faces and then some insults. Turns out that I actually said something in 2006 that someone was still pissed off about. That is right. Someone was still angry about something I said 3 years ago. I know how primary school can "scar you fo' life" and all that jazz, but I thought people kind of grew out of it after about 17. Appears not.
What were you doing in 2006? I'll tell you what I was doing.
  • Meeting Ben Menzies
  • Drinking
  • Being 19
  • Living with Ree (a joke in itself)
The entire year can be explained in that. Apparantly while I was doing such worthwhile activities I called a guy a "Mr Burns Look-a-Like" and then threw a plate at him while I was driving along on Walcott Street. This scarred him so much that he then sent his now (considerably younger) girlfriend after me at said party, after going "I hate you."

I guess this post has no actual purpose rather than laughing at giant cry babies that think having a 5 ft tall girl calling them names out the front of the Scotsman is the worst thing that can ever happen in the world. I hope a plague of locusts that kind of look like me descend on the 6050. That is the only logical conclusion I can see to this situation.


Me said...

Oh, I get it.....hang


Yeah, Right. said...

Now you do. *wink*
P.S. The word verification code for this comment is fixtude. I believe that is now a new word for fixie attitude. Where it is all about the rolled up jeans and just "hanging" out with your bike.