Thursday, April 2, 2009


My dad came round the other day. Apart from talking at me about the recession for 2 hours and reiterating the point a million times that I need to do something with my life, like open up a burger bar (in a recession) and make a million dollars, he also dropped off a bunch of stuff that has been sitting at his house from late last year. While unpacking it, I stumbled across these gems which were drawn in the dying days of Tower Ridge amidst boxes of Sparrow takeaway and episodes of The Late Show.

This one is pretty self explanatory. I've never seen an eviction displayed so succintly in 6 short boxes while also letting the world know that I enjoy cook books and am shorter than a chair.

This was my estate agent. The likeness is uncanny. Let's do a side by side shot.

Clearly what I need to do in the recession is become a graphic designer. Look at that beautiful MS Paint work. Moving on..

This one touching on a theme that is reoccuring in all of James' work circa late 2008, my shortness. I can't help that when I was born my head was the size of a mandarin. My mom smoked during pregnancy, okay. (This is untrue.) Let's do another side by side comparison.

P.S. I think I am on drugs in this picture. Nothing else can be responsible for the hectic face I am pulling, but fuck, how short am I?

Now for my favourite one, destined to become an absolute classic and soon to be sold at Quality Comics (Sean Ramsey, I expect an in okay?)..

What would happen in a fight between Nina and I. Again, I am represented by a dot, clearly showing exactly how short I am. Nina's love for The Smiths is duely noted, as is my penchant at the time for wearing knee high socks every day.

Again the likeness is absolutely uncanny. I think James has a real career happening in the near future. Good thing as well, haven't you heard, it's a recession?

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You totally do have an in!