Saturday, April 18, 2009

Living Life!

I am real sick of moving house. I've lived in four houses in the past three years and in every single one I get real excited to make it cute, until the owners wanna move in/renovate/get evicted/housemate dramas and I end up at another temporary home. Cute urge is GONE. CUTE NEVER LASTS. If I had a house for forever and forever I would make a bed-room (a.k.a an entire room made out of a mattress) and then fill it with the million books I should read before I die. DEPRESSING.

the latest way I waste my time

In Dunsborough, I saw this hell indie couple at the market buying "old looking" books for decoration (actual conversation). They totally were buying Readers' Digest and it was pretty funny.


(NME) said...

donut worry, our next place will be longterm and we'll totally be in lockdown town baby.
the amount of cuteness were going too bring too the table will be so insane you just wont be able too deal.
can you handle the cactui/ ornament/ painting and embroidery of young boys/ doiley collections we have too offer?
works like a charm. cuteness x 1000 i promise!

Queefer Sutherland said...

I just want somewhere to hang up my clown mirrors. They are my favourite.