Thursday, September 4, 2008

dear everyone in amps line last sat night

im sorry if i found yr lob bag on the ground and teased you too youre face about it. im sorry if clare and i immitated yr lob munching, stroking antics and laughed in youre face.
im sorry too that dude who was standing in front of me with his hand up his shirt and i said "stop touching yourself, youre rank"
im sorry too that same dude who clare accidently graffd on yr arm and yelled "BIFF" at you.
im sorry that once inside i accidently stole some other dudes pint and then you found out that i did it cause i admitted it and then you said "oh well have a skull" and proceeded too BUY me another pint.
im sorry too all thoose ppl i refused too give cigarettes too because NO i dont want too aid in 'bringing on' yr lobs so you can be "peaking". peking duck you fuck.

PS// jk! im not really sorry at all :) hahahahaha 
PPS// clare and me = nasty (according too stevie d dvd) you heard it here first xx.

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Yeah, Right. said...

FYI: lob realted songs, compiled by nina.
"its my party and ill lob if i want too"
"what is lob? baby dont hurt me, hurt me no more"
"heres too you mrs. lobbinson"
"the first lob is the deepest"

and movies:
"fear and lobbing in lob vegas"
"lob kong"
"lord of the lobbers"