Wednesday, September 17, 2008

thumbs up update

yesterday the coolest thing ever happened.
i stabbed a hot needle through my thumb nail and instead of blood just seeping out it power squirted through the sink, through the ends of my hair and ontoo the shower curtain.
i actually said "WOAH!" out loud, even though noone else was there.. and wished that dexter was there too analyse the blood splatter and there hed be, hell mystified and like WTF happened! and then hed be all omg nina you the wo-man and id be all shucks dex.

PS// this weekend is going too be really really really good and ive even already brought my jimbeam longnecks and theyre chilling in the fridge and i had too put a note on them thats like "dear everyone please dont touch these theyre my favourite and if you drink them ill be really dissapointed and ill spike yr drinks (no lob) youres faithfully, love nina marie elliott"



rorschach said...

Why did you stab a hot needle through your thumb nail?

Was it a blister?

Yeah, Right. said...

no, never blister never!
it relieves the pressure, as the blood builds up under the nail and starts throbbing.
its really, really pretty.