Sunday, September 21, 2008


i dont even know if that word exsists or weather i made it up but i think its perfectly perfect and you can yell it at me when im at yr party, eating yr hommus with my bare hands and smearing it on close friends faces. i might be in yr living room, oscilating wildly too yr david bowie remix.
i might be falling down yr stairs, drinking beer, bending down in the middle of the road pretending i dropped something but really i just needed too spit real bad and didnt want anybody too see and be like "omg shes gross, is that a lung".
i could be running on yr local school oval, jumping things and swinging on the playground. im really good at jumping things. so much so that in highschool i earnt the nickname 'nemo' because i would drink goon then run away from everyone and jump fences and theyd have too go "finding nemo" fly kick me in my knee pit and attempt too restrain the energy i was radiating.
also i had black hair and wore vans and i like brand new, so you know nina the emo = NEMO. and because in art i did a draw of someone crying but i made the tears red and everyone was all "omg wtf shes bleeding from the eyes you emo wtf lol rofl"
maybe im all "paul banks, face like poetry" girl rapping about that time i saw that dude at the manor who was actually dead set p.b's twin and i was like this is it, this is the moment, is this what everyone is always going on about, is this love?
love: cheese

remember, too, breathe.

PS// isabelle i red what you wrote next too the thing i wrote at that place i go. you are actually the cutest girl ever, inside and out. 10 out of 10 dardy.

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Jane Donut said...

You are the greatest girl ever times a million.