Sunday, September 14, 2008


usually after an eventfull weekend each member of the C.O.D has a couple of bruises and schpiels too tell. this weekend i didnt get any bruises but i have a dead thumb instead. the trade off is painfull too say the least (this coming from someone who got punched in the face by a biff at 17 because i kept saying "jemapelle love")
not only that but i look really dumb because i have too hold my hand up because if i dont do that my thumb starts throbbing and its not very pleasant.

how did my thumb, which was in perfect health before last night, come too die? why must we mourn the use of an essiental limb?

because jo slammed the door on my thumb. thats why.
most of the time jo and i are buddies. my hats are good enough for him too want too take them and we often have friendly banter concerning keyboards and bands. you know, the usual.
but sometimes when we are in an inebriated state we clash. i actually cant remember how my thumb came too be wedged in the door, i was probably chasing him down for the last pringle and he tried too block my path by slamming the door on me.

anyway this stupid black, dead, corpsing thumb of mine makes it hard too perform everyday tasks ie. putting on clothes, typing, throwing things, using knife and fork.
i have learnt not too take limbs and simple motor skills for granted. i have learnt that my hand disease (the one where i had too wear the mittens) isnt the worst thing that can happen.

i am really tough now and all i want too do is start a revival of 'funny bones' and never stop doing the thumbs up because i am really enthusiastic :)

youres painfully but promisingly,
nina marie elliott

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joel said...

hey it Joe Nina i have no idea of what happened on Saturday, pringles where did they come from , gracey punched me in the eye so did a girl at amps because i poured a pint over her head n shit banned for life again , love you Nina , sorry thumb xoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxooxoxo