Tuesday, September 2, 2008

denial is the first sign youre an addict:

the other day gracey came home and was super excited too find a saturday morning cartoon record at the op shop. (feat drew barrymore) the surprise came upon the discovery that NO this was not a record and YES it was dumb supersized cd. lazer disc, whatevs.
that sucks, furreal. (not like thoose freaky 'fureal' pets. shudder)

on a completly different note.. here you go. i have compiled several lists for you too read (i like lists. addict)

a short story in point form by nina marie elliott

tv, etc. i frikken LOATHE the following: david letterman - you and youre bald headed companion are not funny. youre pothetic. and old. and creepy. i cant believe someone had babies with you WTF! funniest home video show - every saturday night some form of chump is residing in my living room having a good old laugh. i just dont get it, the voice overs are gay to the power of 100. blah. generally i dont really like tv. ive been trying too watch it as little as possible bar the following (LOVE) 30rock, that 70s show. obviously i just like series with numbers in the title or something, analyse that.

housemates. lalala love G.O.D. we are really, really good at living together. im really retarded and dont know how too work the grill or how too peel the top off my jellycups so she helps me. i on the otherhand i never let her down by providing a constant source of amusment and ideas. eg. most saturday mornings when i lurk into her room, still inebriated, laughing about some rediculous thing that happened last night OR// lying under clares door talking too her through the crack about dardys in blue cardys etc. etc.
and i always say dumb stuff:

G: where does it come from?
N: RAIN comes from the sky!!
G: i wasnt talking about that you fuck. duh.

J: blah blah blah something about bali.
G: hahah yeah bali
N: hahah yeah not like the country. i mean..
J&G: (hearty lols)
N: not like the state. whatever. see ya.

mince. of all of the slaughtered animals people may want too digest i dont understand the desire for this one. its ugly. it stinks. you cant even define whats actually in it. not very good is the conclusion.


Yeah-Garth said...

Letterman is one of the only tv shows i watch!


Fun facts!
(fa-faa-fa-faa-fa-fa fuun fun facts!)
Great Momemtns in Presidential History!
Hillary Clinton Pant Suit Jokes!
Does it float~!!!
Dropping maasive water ballons from 10 story buildings! on convertibles!
And! ANDD!
when he gets that remote control hose on the street and squirts people!!!
thats the best.

ps - funiest home videos is also pretty funny!
one of those not funny so its really quite funny shows.
The voice overs are what makes it soo great because they say the same stuff everytime!

WOOooOOo, look at me, I'm a little boy, i wonder what will happen if i swing this cricket bat at my daddy's croutch! *BOOOIINGGG* *cannn laughter*

I rest my case

Yeah, Right. said...

did you see the pet talents acouple of weeks ago? that was a waste of air time. the dogs could do things like "bark" and "run through a tunnel" there was even a bird that could "chew gum" i thought the bird would be like cursing and blowing bubbles ALAS it just chewed gum.
wtf is his obsession with dogs? and seeing how far they can jump across water masses??

its clear that for someone who despises letterman i sure know alot about what goes on. but i feel too make hate//love real you need too do yr research.

AFHVS, the clips are funny, ill admit that. but it would be funnier if garth did the sound fx.

love nina