Sunday, September 21, 2008

Really Reassuring Things Gemma Says Whilst Driving You Somewhere

"WOAH I zoned out for like 10 minutes there"

"Sometimes I see the red light and all but it doesn't register for me to stop, you know?"

"I can't really see, I'll just go"

"Sometimes I forget which is the left hand side of the road!" (Nah jk, I said that one)

"I just pretend to check my blind spot!"

Love Clare xoxoxo


Jane Donut said...

I have actually driven the wrong way down Beaufort st AND Brisbane st. I'm pretty much a king dickhead.

Suzie Perfect said...

Yeah Gracey told me about the Beaufort Street one, I forgot to make fun of you.

Ashley said...

you guys are so hilarious.. you make me want to adopt you secretly and not tell anybody not even you maybe i will steal your brains and hearts in the middle of the night when you sleep in a lovely kind of way i love you and ive only just met you.. you are behind me and some guy is talking about mr darch hey shhh lets be friends hello yay i love the smiths i can hear morrisseys voice making me feel all soft in my lungs the end i love you xoxox
ps i hate word verifications

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I run through red lights... because it doesn't register. I relate. :P