Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everything up to this point.

The morning toons had the wrong time by an hour in the future today. I was like 'I always miss daylight savings!!!' and got mad at my mom/the world for not telling me. The cartoons were wrong though.

Yesterday in an engrish tutorial I was sitting in a direct ray of sunlight which always fucks me up. First of all instead of doing my work I just stared at a point above the teacher's head (it's hard because she has a big head that basically takes up a whole wall. she's a science fiction writer). I looked down at my paper and I had been absent-mindly writing HAHAHAHAHAHAHA all over my page in this really manical handwriting without even realising. The people sitting next to me look uncomfortable, I wanted to be like "I know it's so bugged out" too.

15 minutes after that happened I fell alseep in class (because of the sun) and had one of those split second dreams where you fall over or whatever. I woke up with a start and like half-screamed. For the rest of the class if I looked down then up, every single person would be staring at me and then they would quickly glance away. After the class I kinda wanted to flush my head down the toilet but I got a choc milk instead.

I bought a large pizza on Tuesday and it took me three days to eat the whole thing. Something has gone wrong!!!

I saw a dolphin on the way to school today.

Once me and Gemma get our eviction notice from Parklame Apartments we are moving next door to Hungry Spot and we're not allowed to drink water, only Hungry Spot Gravy.

Love Clare xoxoxo