Saturday, October 25, 2008


the time is gone for colds and overcoats.
have summer partys instead!
drink cold longnecks in hot showers!
get really drunk and fall asleep in places you shouldnt!
eat hot chips!
make yrself a local at baskin and robbins!

what im trying too say is you all need too have more partys. im totally 17 again and will have to wait until my parentals go away so i can whip out the scented bin bags and yr band can play in my empty pool.
SO, in the mean time feel free too have heaps of partys. think you need a reason? no, you dont. even better MAKE UP A REASON!
"samantha got her period party" or "too poor too go out party" or "my friends are better than yr friends party"
partys can sometimes turn out like this, and hopefully do:

youres hopefully, nina marie elliott (NME)

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Verlan Press said...

wow; boobies. first time in a while