Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hold onto yr hotpants

...cause resident heartthrob Andrew Murray is back in town!!!

That's him showing you what he had for breakfast. Fire of our loins Murray has been in the US for a million years, hanging out with dreamboat Pelsy and being an artichetural fag.

That's him and his lady being first home buyers. Why do we love A.M? Because he is our best friend, that's why. He looks cute in sweaters, is really good at girl rapping, has an amazing record collection, sleeps with a teddy bear in his bed (sorry good ted), his mom made me a burger once, he goes to the beach with you and makes fun of your butt (like calls it the great spotted whale if you are wearing a polka dot bikini which I do), he's in a great band (Hay Taco Leg), writes a blog that goes over my head (Perth's Best), talks about riot grrrl with you and is in general really smart and nice. The first time we met him was 05 New Years Eve and Gemmer made out with him on the floor of Nick Allbrook's parents' house. I don't think I was meant to say that. I vomited that night and Gemma was asked to get me a glass of water but instead she came out giggling with a Pepsi Max. What a bitch!!!!

Andrew Murray is one of those guys that you call by his first and last names too. He is also one of those guys that always has a cool project going on. HEY A.M. GLAD YOU ARE HOME! LET'S HANG OUT EVERYDAY!!

Love from Clare xoxoxo

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Yeah, Right. said...

oh andrew morrissey how art has missed though (even though i only met you once pre club bayview HARHAR remember when you got a flat tyre? yeah, good times)