Tuesday, March 24, 2009

adjust yr insides

in about 10 weeks (after i save some cash) i am going too melbourne so i can go too the american apparell store (amongst other things). 
ppl keep telling me, its wrong, why donut i just shop online? then i donut have too buy an air fair and i can spend more on products. well thats just not the way i think.. i want too go too the ACTUAL store, where the dardys work, and where you can buy ALL the stuff. not just certain stuff. i want suspenders. HEY i dont have too pay for postage and handling, wooo.
anyway, i just wanted you all too know so incase you wanted too come with me you can start saving now.
plus, we are having a yardsale in a couple of weeks too raise funds. because lets face it most of us suck our own balls on the saving wagon. (well i do)
what are other exciting things too do in melbourne?
ive only been once and i spent most of that time in my so called "friends" room becase she was having a fight with her housemate so she went too her boyfriends house (lame)
needless too say i spent most of my time being entertained by a homo dance student and most of the entertainment was me yelling out "JAZZ!" or "TAP!" or my personal favourite "BROADWAY!" at random intervals and he would bust out for me.
it was kind of annoying though because he majored in 'interpretive dance' which i find really fking annoying and gay. i dont cry like thoose american idol judges, i cringe.
so yeah, in conclusion, HELP ME PLAN AN EXCIOTING JOURNEY!!
dont let the interpretive dance students of melbourne, once again, taint my view of the fair city.


Miglet said...

Melbourne is the best! You need to bring your drinking boots and find someone to drink with. Don't waste your cash at American Apparel, waste it on speno bars and playing hurties with your liver.

Just a suggestion.

Queef Ledger said...