Sunday, March 8, 2009


the blurb for this movie was "take a magnificent but broke hotel, a beauty pageant with a difference and a new drug that destroys peoples inhibitions and the stage is set for the wildest party ever!" the immature storyline takes 103 minutes too unfold and its all ugly boys, hot half naked girls and dressups plus disasters. this should have been a quick thrill but quite simply comes off like someone who attempts too sodimise you real roughly and just when you think theyre getting all soft and loveydovey you realise theyre just checking yr pockets for change. oh shit.

drew barrymore is 'damaged goods' in this film. youd believe it too, no sane persons eyebrows could be that thin. okay, so nerd but nice boy virtually stalks the shit out of her then kind of dates the shit out of her. they run off together (he had too get her out of that god damn mental institution) then while theyre driving along the freeway of love she initiates this retarded "trust exercise" which leads them too crash car. they do the hillbilly thing and live in some dump in the middle of nowhere (tumbleweed) then miss "shes so CRAZY' starts pasting eyeballs all over the walls and he wakes up and is all WTF so sends her back too her parents. the only conclusion that this film led me too is I HATE DB4LIFE. the end. hell grunge.

what attracted me too this out of date VHS was the bad 80's hair and the writting on the front "she had one love. he had one secret... cocaine. no one wants to go to hell alone" its not even as epic as it makes out too be. "the struggle is desperate. the stakes are high" but its so freakin boring youd never get that. i wont even bother explaining the storyline its actually that lame.

this movie takes the cake fur cereal. secretly sometimes when people say they haterading on things i want too see for myself and maybe ill hate it too and maybe ill feel cool like "oh scagnetti hates it and i hate it too BFFL!! marry me!!" well this movie is not applicable. its based on a stephen king novel (obviously his crappest work too date) a mother and son team of unfortunate looking cat inspired supernatural creatures who move  too town too find a virgin sacrifice. cats are scared of them. i donut know how they decided all of this but alotacats DIE in this movie. the cyco mum bitch uses one hand too snap kittys spine. shes hell laying down the law. IN CLOSING I HATED THIS MOVIE MORE THAN ANY OTHER PAIN IVE HAD TOO ENDURE IN MY 20 YRS OF LIVING. (i would have rather spent an hour mashing my fist in elton johns crap while he sings candle in the wind over and over and over again)
i found this website where this other lad also shares similar views on aformentioned film...



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aww golly

"Screwball Hotel"

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i like the main theme in sleepwalkers tho.. fugees used it on that song when they rappin in a submarine