Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reckless 12 Year Olds

I still consider what is to follow one of the worst things I have ever done.

I've always been a sucker when it comes to peer pressure, I seem like I'm my own woman but I'm not. I actually belong to anyone willing to suggest that I do something mean/dumb/dangerous.

At a sleepover in year 7 a couple of my friends attempted to call another friend (lets call her Rashrex). They found however that they had muddled the last two numbers when they encountered a foreign male voice on the end of the line.

"Hi is Rashrex there?"
"no, wrong number" he replied "but if you want to call back later for a chat that would be okay". Shah was a mid-thirties Iranian who I'm pretty sure told me once that he was an illegal immigrant. This is a poor, sad, shy and lonely dude who probably had to leave his country to avoid being murdered. So what do we do? We call him EVERY weekend at sleepovers pretending to be a 21 year old called Vicky.

To my recollection we got him 'worked up' (slutty, slutty 12 year olds). Even though we all had different interpretations of Vicky (one girl even had a lisp!) he never caught on, but his BFF Nile (sp?) did. He was always trying to catch us out in a lie.

These phone calls went on for weeks until one weekend I convinced him to give me his address so I could send nude photos. It turned out he lived right near our primary school. We made a fake petition and went to his crummy apartment after school on the false premise of him signing it.

Meeting Shah was the pinnacle, we never called him again. We did however quite cruelly call out his name whenever he walked past our school at lunch or recess.

I think he caught on then.

And that was my brief yet eventful foray into the popular group.

After a marathon Shah call one time we decided to watch one of my friend's brother's pornos called Juicy Lucy. I was literally quite disturbed by it but my "friends" spread a rumour that I got turned on by the lez scene.

Sooooooo Mean Girls.

I left them to hang out with a weird English girl who would go on to get a nose job for her 14th birthday, a girl who was obsessed with Bart Simpson and a girl who would always fart loudly whenever she sneezed...WINNERS!!!

Love from the donut


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great story. B+.
the best(lamest) tween phone-prank i can remember is calling up about a dozen pizza joints an arranging them to drop off at 10minute intervals to this jokers pad. ha. i had to put on my 'dad' voice for that one!

ps-what was on the petition?

Scagnetti said...


We all know where this story ends.

It starts with G
and the closest trainstation to it is named 'Claremont'

Jane Donut said...

I think the petition was a lobby to get a zebra crossing near our school, it was pretty profesh.