Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cartoon Characters I Would Make Sweet, Uninibited Love To

1) Nathan Explosion: All girls who date sensitive hipsters who could fit into your jeans from when you were 12 (and do!) have a secret biff craving. Explosion is the silent brooding type, he's built and he rocks the fuck out. We could make pop-pop on his moto-byke.

2) Beast: Sure I'd bang him in human form but I'm going to freak you out and say I'd boff him as Beast. I'm defs not into beastiality or nuthing (I almost went vigilante justice when I found out a dude in Perth was bragging about doing dogs) but the beast is a metaphor, a hot sexy metaphor. He's super angry and tough yet caring and deep.

3) Moe Syzlak: Cuz I feel sorry for him (and I could like TOTALLY skip the line at his bar!!! OMGZZZ!!!)

4) Ben Tennyson: In the series where he's older. I totally dig how they started out with a light hearted cartoon and then his gramps dies and now its hella dark.

5)Howl: No explanation needed

6) Fry: He's a dumb slob but I'm a masochist so it would work out. Plus he likes dogs (everyone cried in Jurassic Bark).

7) Vegeta: So fine, be mine. When I lived with my parents I had access to ALL of DBZ which is way hard to watch in for 6 hours at a time before anything would happen. Still worth it.

8) Harvey Birdman: A lawyer? Mom would die!

9) Shang: He is cute and ambitious and we could have really cute Eurasian babies together

10) Haku: A man AND a dragon. He's totally serious and rally rally nice.

11) HotRod/ Rodimus Prime: Physically impossible but a girl can dream, didn't you see bicentennial man? Is was hells crap.

I also like The Hulk but I'm saving that one for therapy.

I'm tired, I'm going to bread.


Me said...

omg howl!!

Ok, here's one for you. If howl asked you to marry him but in exchange you had to become a cartoon character for the rest of your life, would you do it?

Jane Donut said...

Definitely. Beside the fact that I would be married to Howl, cartoon land has MAGIC. I love magic.

Me said...

Good answer, i especially liked the part where you said this:

"Definitely. Beside the fact that I would be married to Howl, cartoon land has MAGIC. I love magic."