Wednesday, March 18, 2009

an average wednesday?


so the last couple of days i have felt less than zero. not being able too do normal things like.. eat or ride my bike, walk or generally anything that requires me too be out of bed/moving. okay, just exsisting seemed hard.
(side note, yesterday i barfed frm drinking applejuice!)
today i went too the doctor and shes all "possible appendicitis" and im all "WAA?" so got sent too the hospital for further research.
dude, my urine is like gold in this place... one person takes it, looses it then they want ANOTHER sample (previously had already given one too my doctor so it was third time a charm?) when theyre not allowing fluids, the power too muster up phantom wee is almost non exsistant.
also the phrase "when/how was yr last bowel movement?" will be a constant topic of conversation. seriously, yr going too have too explain it too atleast four people so get friendly and in touch with yr outputs.
this nurse came in and was all "WELL yr nt pregnant haha" too which i seemed kind of dumbfounded "uhhh.. i never thought i was..." she was all "LOL we have too check".
well, cool, yeah, awesome! now stab my hand with needles, take my blood and gemme one of thoose fluid bags. also, feel my stomach, no i want 3 seperate surgeons too do it please.
my mother and i checked the clipboard when the nurse wasnt looking and they had noted A. i was pale B. i was "soft"
my conclusion of the trip too the hospital was; its scary being wheeled around in a bed not really knowing where the hell yr going, random ppl touching you, the awkward moment where they ask you too put on the robe and you dont know wethar they mean for you too be naked or not, the blue curtains are kind of cute, old ppl get sick alot, i donut have too get my appendix removed, yeah :)



Scagnetti said...

congratulations nme

Jonathon said...

I went to hospital once, had food poisoning, was shitting little fluoro yellow nuggets.

Your site reminded me of this, thanks.

Check out mine...