Monday, March 23, 2009


okay, so i am feeling a little bored today but donut feel like leaving the confines of my bedroom so have resorted too staying in bed on the internet googling chronicles of dardia (as you do)

RESULT: found alot of link backs too teknoscape (thanks gracey) and also found these two pieces of information which i found interesting..

"chronicles of dardia... this is random rantings from kid/girl who im assuming lives in leederville and does an arts degree. random topics range from knowing yore vagina has 3 holes to reviews of a shaver. all the post are quite intriguing if a little left of centre. A+ my lady."

"i am moving to perth!.... what other city celebrates narwhals with a crazy arse statue on one of their finest beaches? damn, perth is just killing it in terms of the source of my favourite new reads. first it was truly henious and now i have found a raft of killer blogs (chronicles of dardia, longneck and 40, HAF, yeah homie, seymoure scagnetti and full metal sean) it appears that these guys are working off each other and have set up their own style of writting... there some really interesting study into the perception of subcultures what it suggested was when someone was external to a subculture they cannot see the difference between the group, it is only when you have higher involvement that you realise the difference between the group of people. if i was in perth i couldve well been a part of this killer event! i love lowriders and i love a good cruise aswell.. and no, i am not moving to perth..."


Scagnetti said...

"Sometimes their showers just arent hot enough"

Julian Cole said...

Yeah sorry that second one was me. I wrote the post and then realised it was shit and deleted it. Then farkin wotnews cached that shit.

Gotta be more careful about what I write. I was just trying to work out an angle where I could work in a post on the blogs that I like reading.

I failed.