Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Other Chris Brown

- maculine jaw like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
- likes animals
- lives near the beach
- his dog is really cute
- probably has lots more cool pets
- would let me watch in on surgery??
- would have really good cute animal stories
- gets free dog food
- we have a lot in common (i have a kelpie too!!)
- parents would die of happiness if he was my boyfriend
- doesn't look that much like a date rapist

- kinda looks like a date rapist
- is the cheesiest guy alive

Move over Eliot from Law and Order SVU, I found my new T.V. boyfriend!!!
Love Clare xoxo

P.S. - me and Jane Donut's band Pap Smear Pool Party has a hit song called T.V. Boyfriend. It's really dirty. We are probably the best band to never exist.


Jane Donut said...

He's rally funny too, you know GSOH.

Queef Ledger said...

I watched a blooper from Bondi Vet on the internet where he said "silicon penis" and kinda got turned on.

Jane Donut said...

come the fuck home lassie