Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making It!!

OMG I totally got asked to be a REAL LIFE band photographer! Here is the email:

I have an indi band, I would love it if clare could take our promo photos please.
this is not a joke!


So Andrew, please let me know when the next indi band show is on so I can take some more hot action shots. I will also experiment with flash on and flash off settings and perhaps even portrait and landscape orientations!!

Love Clare xoxo

P.S. - AM if you let me be bass player in Taco Leg I would still take photos in between songs.
P.P.S. - Happy barfday Jane Donut!! Let's hope you'll start acting a bit more mature from now on.


Jane Donut said...

F you Wee, I'm a homonur! What have yu dun that is mature???

rorschach said...

Clare drank my urine once to test if I was diabetic. And I was! Which is lucky for her cos it was all sweet and nice like lucozade!