Monday, June 8, 2009


This is my boat, The Almighty Tampon!!!

Just kidding, I bought it for my sister as a puberty present. Just Kidding it's not my boat at all. It's not even a boat. Just kidding.

So I went for a walk at 7am after staying up all night reading a book which I will not name (suffice to say that is is more embarrassing than reading Twilight but less embarrassing than reading a Jodi Piccoult book). So I was pretty disoriented during said walk, I almost asked a pair of youths to teach me how to play soccer then had a 15 minute long fantasy where I was really great at it (at soccer, not at asking youths questions). To tell you the truth I'm still a bit out of sorts.

In unrelated news I was at my parents house the other day when my mum says "Oh Gemma, I've found you a new boyfriend" so I'm thinking shit, she's finally become one of those mothers who tries to set you up with their dentist or some dude they've met at a Weight Watchers meeting.

G: Oh yeah who it is?

M: Josh Thomas

G: Who the fuck is Josh Thomas?

M: You know, the boy from the TV

She means that dude from Talkin' 'bout your generation. Wonderful, even my mum has picked up on my predilection for indie wieners.


Queefer Sutherland said...

I'm really sorry, I didn't read this until I'd already outted you.

Amy said...

gay indie weinors?