Saturday, June 6, 2009


I think I found the most retarded thing ever typed.

Benjamin Stewart Marshall
I do agree with your oppinen tho and I figger this may be the reson that they have never done the death penalty for ture sico paths is that who will say someone is a sico path a sycoliges haha sycolagy is probly the least exact siance there is tho I do think it is curl to keep someone locked up for there hole lives knowing they will never be free. haha I hate to say this but "forgive our sins as we forgive those who sin agenst us " I know that is an extract form the lords prair but this way of thinking has been instramental in the evlution of the human morality.

I do agree when u say if someone has no respect for life do the deserve life them selfs they are monsters and will just burden sociaty for there lives

but yeah I am copletly torn when it comes to this suject haha I do not like to be a fence sitter with things but I guess in this casue I am


Jane Donut said...

Haha wat crapp spallin

Arcanthus said...

dude,clearly in thise casue he is a fence sitter. Remember your lords prair, 'forgive those who sin agenst us'