Saturday, June 6, 2009

My new favorite writer

First I found this article on McSweeney's which made me do a bit of a wee.

His name is Pasha Malla and he is way better at giving advice than me.

For example

Question: How do I know if a girl loves me or not? —Ajay

Answer: If one night you go out drinking and end up back at her place, pass out together on the bed with your shoes on, and wake up a few hours later only to discover that you’ve peed the bed, which she takes in stride, changes the sheets, and then the next morning has a laugh about it, later leaves some pamphlets from the local health clinic about child bedwetters in your mailbox, and eventually after a few weeks tells your friends but never, ever tells hers: She loves you.

I have to stop getting crushes on people off the Internet, like that time I added Asher Sarlin on myspace which probably creeped him out almost as much as the email I sent along with the friend request.

Love from Doney

Ps. Seriously if you are bored click on the first link to the McSweeney's article, it's rally great.

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Queefer Sutherland said...

I forgot about McSweeney's. Gracey, you'll like "The Tom Tom Club Catechism"