Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You know how the internet kinda destroys obscurity? Things can't fade into the past? Yeah well when I was little (probably the ages of 3 - 6) I used to have this epicly bad reoccuring dream where me and my famiry were all in a bowling alley, we were the pins, a flash of lightning would appear and a scary skull face, and then we were all dead. Sound familar?

Yeah, the motherfucking Australian AIDS campaign scarred me for life. It was only when I somehow saw some of this commercial in high school that I realised where my nightmarez came from. Tonight was the first time I've seen the thing the whole way through, I want to cry. Anyway, in case you guys were interested, I've been illogically terrfied of AIDS my whole life:

- me, age 8, convinced I had AIDS because I used a public toilet somewhere near Kalbarri that said BEWARE AIDS VIRUS ON THIS TOILET SEAT and didn't notice till I'd already gone.
- Then saw a program age 9 on the ABC about it can be up to 10 years before HIV turns into AIDS. Thought I would be 10 years till I would be in the clear.
- went through the rest of primary school thinking I was gonna die, too scared to tell anyone.
- I couldn't even watch the whole of Outbreak because it mentions AIDS at the start.
- jump forward approx. 10 years, every time I have sex, unprotected or not: HIV+.

Cool. In related news: It has been medically proven that I currently do not have HIV. It does weird me out that HIV is such a recent virus and you know, that only 25 years ago I could have been rawdogging like it ain't no thing. I think I'm gonna write a screenplay where AIDS becomes an air borne virus. Starring Dustin Hoffman.

Love Clare xoxo



i got some similar chair-related AIDS shit.. you know those old green wooden benches with cement bottoms with SEAT-ADS stenciled on them? someone added an I in the mix to the joint at my primary school and i was convinced i would cop aids if i sat thurr.. fuckin pranksters

Queefer Sutherland said...

So scawy!!