Friday, June 5, 2009

ride or die

"as i cycle by, here began all my dreams. the saddest thing ive ever seen."

yes its true. i did have a dream, i was up and atom early on my merry way too work.. my denim jacket billowing in the wind and my mind thinking (sunshine!kittens!) then as i crossed the fitzgerald vincent intersection i was pummeled in the side by another cyclist and sent flying through the air, landing only centermeters from 2rows of 8:30 am traffic. gore all over yr face. as i got up from the crumpled heap that i lay in the only thing i could think was need cigarette...  the other cyclist was fine! he didnt even leave the comfy padded seat of his loyal steed.
i convinced him i was okay apparantly my teeth were "all there, i think" and i walked a couple of metres too dispose of my now unusable cane basket. jerkface rode intoo the sunset.
anyway WAYNE pulled over in his 4wd asked me if i wanted a wetwipe too clean up my bloody lip and drove me too work!! wayne was a firefighter running late for his course, WAYNE IS PRETTY MUCH MY HERO.

so, i have learnt today, that there are many jerks who may possibly run you down on their bikes for no reason and yeah it was an accident but thanks for saying sorry for almost leaving me in the incoming traffic. hell hell hit and run.
then there are the waynes of this world (waynes world?) who will offer you wetwipes when you are blood faced.

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